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Summer of rage

February 24, 2009

The Guardian is claiming the police are preparing for a summer of rage.  If we accept (for the sake of argument) the suggestion that the police may talking up the prospect of violence to justify the money they get to police protests, and focus on the fact that there may be a lot of more peaceful demonstrations coming our way, this is an interesting puzzle for councils.  The article mentions protests against Heathrow expansion for example.  Now I would expect a considerable number of local authorities (see the list of 2M group members) would be quite pleased to see masses of middle class protesters take to the streets against airport expansion.   There may also be plenty of local politicians happy to see some outrage directed at the banks.  And the protests against Iraq are often used as proof that apathy has not yet killed democracy dead. 

So…if local authorities have a duty to promote democracy…and some of the protest slogans may actually be close to the hearts of local politicians…should councillors be getting their placards ready to rally the crowds?

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