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Forget allotments…get sheep

October 28, 2009

Several news outlets are covering the story from Brighton and Hove council that they will be extending the use of sheep to keep grass on public land mowed.  The council are recruiting volunteer shepherds to oversee the sheep.

Brighton and Hove have been using sheep as mowers for some time, and this lastest story reflects the decision to double sheep numbers.   But whether a new idea or not, it’s a hugely appealing concept.  In the -niche – world of allotment lovers, there has been ongoing concern about shortages (the Local Government Association has even issued guidance to developers on the topic).  Could this be a new way passtime for urban dwellers yearning for a taste of the countryside?  If space for gardens is short…have you tried being a shepherd?

In the age of austerity, it is hard to see the downside.  Carbon friendly, keeping costs down, getting people active, a taste of our pre-industrial heritage…the more I think about this the more urgent the need for sheep becomes.

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