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The Builders’ Breakfast goes to Sheffield

June 7, 2011

The second Local construction business breakfast has taken place in Sheffield to explore ways of bolstering local economic growth.

Andy begins by saying “We’re here to discuss important issues around the construction industry; where the future opportunities are, where the skills needs are, and how we can make sure there are good partnerships between business, skills and trainings providers and between local government which will obviously play an absolutely vital role.

John Mothersole, Chief Executive, Sheffield City Council, said “The challenge faced by the region – which is shared across the country – is a slow recovery in the face of fairly steep public sector cuts. I think the specific aim for any region is finding the sense of determination”.

Clive Betts MP, Sheffield South East said “The council officers and of course the councillors need to talk to the people in the development and construction industry, listen to their needs and their requirements and understand what they expect. Hopefully by working together we can get better end results.

When developing policy at a local level, think about what the implications are for the people who are going to have to implement it. So when developing procurement practices, don’t do so in such a way that excludes small businesses in the area from being able to apply for work”.

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