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About LGiU

The Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) is an Award Winning Think-Tank. Our mission is to strengthen local democracy to put citizens in control of their own lives, communities and local services. We work with local councils and other public services providers, along with a wider network of public, private and third sector organisations. Through information, innovation and influencing public debate, we help address policy challenges such as demographic, environmental and economic change, improving healthcare and reforming the criminal justice system. We convene the national Children’s Services Network and are the host organisation for Local Energy ltd and the Centre for Public Service Partnerships (CPSP)

LGiU members

The LGiU is owned and governed by its members, the majority of who are local authorities but also include other interested organisations. Our members come from all over England, Wales and Northern Ireland representing all types of council and all shades of political opinion.

To find out more about LGiU membership, including the different tiers of membership available, see Why join.

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